LPG & Autogas​

This division is engaged in LPG storage, bottling and supply of LPG in composite cylinders in Bangladesh market. 

With several mega projects on the card, the company has already acquired land at Gajaria, Munshiganj. All the processing plants will employ state-of-the art technology and most modern equipments. It will bring in a new dawn to the horizon of Gas business in Bangladesh.

🠂 Integrated, innovative approach to import, bulk store, distribute LPG in composite cylinders (to be used for the first time in Bangladesh)

🠂 Distribution of LPG in vehicles (autogas) / gas stations

🠂 Manufacture of composite cylinders

🠂 Current storage of 3,000 MT will increase to 16,000 MT by June 2021

      🠂 Expansion of capacity by 3,000 MT in Mongla

      🠂 New capacity of 10,000 MT in Narayanganj

🠂 Current bottling capacity of 1,400 cylinders/hr will increase to 10,000 cylinders / hr in the next 5 years

      🠂 New bottling plant in Narayanganj (3,600 cylinders/hr)

      🠂 Future expansion of 5,000 cylinders /hr required in the next 5 years

🠂 Establishment of cylinder manufacturing plant in Narayanganj

🠂 Transportation require   ments include the purchase of a fleet of 450 bowsers and the acquisition of 4 barges of 400 MT capacity each

🠂 First phase launch in August: Nationwide launched in July-2017 with 70 distributors

      🠂 360 degree marketing communication plan in place

      🠂 With exclusivity secured from its suppliers, Escorp  will introduce composite cylinders into the Bangladesh market for the first time

🠂 Advantages of composite cylinders will ensure faster penetration and greater market share:

      🠂 Translucent – consumers can see volume level when filling up, thereby preventing fraud

      🠂 Lighter – half the weight of steel cylinders

      🠂 Safer – non-combustible

🠂 Initial import of composite cylinders for the first year and concurrent establishment of cylinder manufacturing plant in Narayanganj

🠂 A fleet of vehicles already in place to facilitate the transportation of composite

🠂 Beximco Petroleum has received a license for 500 filling stations and 25 conversion workshops which can be set up directly or franchised to others including existing CNG filling stations –  full scale implementation planned by end of 2020